vendinglogoThe “Vending Market” company introduces you with ecologically clean paper cups for coffee and soda machines, for office dispensers and for daily use. As opposed to plastic cups, the paper cups are ecologically clean and do not add additional tastes or smells in the drinks.
Our product corresponds to all the international safety standards. We use conveyers made by internationally famous brands which eliminate the possible change of quality and ensure the stability of the product quality.

Our company offers wholesale and retail sales, flexible range of sales and discounts for primary customers. Call us and our assistants will introduce you with all the products and will offer mutually beneficial ways of cooperation.

Adress: Yerevan, Shirak 47/14
Tel.: +374 (44) 008 007



Phone +374 (44) 008007, 

Address: RA, Yerevan, Shirak 47/14


The company invites to cooperation. In the case of major purchases will provide our customers with a flexible system of discounts. Call our managers and make sure that our offer is competitive and profitable.